Call for Abstracts and Articles: Social history - Historical sociology: About interdisciplinary research

The second issue in 2018 is to focus on the relationship between the two disciplines in the contributors' own research and their own material. Topics to be discussed and questions to be answered in an article could be:

  • What do you understand by social history/historical sociology?
  • To what extent has your research been influenced by the confrontation with history or sociology/sociological concepts?
  • Where do you see the advantage of the two disciplines cooperating, where are the limits?
  • Which objects seem to be particularly suitable for socio-historical considerations/historical sociology?
  • Historical sociology – is it a marginal phenomenon?

All researchers working at the interface of the two disciplines are invited to show their positions and send abstracts to

The submission deadline for abstracts is 15 February 2018.

Authors are requested to submit abstracts of up to two pages in length. If the abstract is accepted, the submission deadline for the article is 30 April 2018. Authors are asked to use the InterDisciplines style sheet:


The guest editors of this InterDisciplines issue:

Ursula Mense-Petermann, Sebastian Matthias Schlerka, and Thomas Welskopp